Violin Master- a spiritual enlightenment and awakening allegory

Violin Master

If I were a serious student of the violin and had thousands of dollars at my disposal and could have any teacher in the world, I would seek out the most well-known violin master I could find and beg him to teach me.

If he said yes, and before I actually shelled out the big bucks, I would ask him: “Sir, are you or are you not a great violin master? For I pray that one day I too will be a great violin master. I would like to be assured that I am learning from the best. Is this not the case?”

Naturally I would hope for a quick response. I would only need to hear him say it once. Just once. Then, I would know.

“Yes, my child, I am the greatest violin master who has ever existed.”

Excellent. Okay. And yeah, maybe I’d ask him to play a lick or two just to prove it. Hired.

But, if he had said: “Yes, child, I too learned from a great violin master and understand your longing. The path of a master is ongoing and one must be committed to the end. It’s a pathless

path, leading down a road with no beginning and ending, to an end with no ending.”

Eh? . . . What? All I asked was: Are you or are you not a great violin master? Simple question. Pass. See ya. Bye.

And, if he had said: “No, child, I am not a violin master, but I have learned many useful things that I could teach you.”

Well, okay, that’s respectable, but I’m sorry, I am looking for and wish to be taught by a great violin master.




2 Responses to Violin Master- a spiritual enlightenment and awakening allegory

  • Enlightenment is a state of inner explosion

    • not really. an explosion is an experience. experiences come and go. to the ego enlightenment is bland and boring cause its not a state of any sort. actually fuck it, there is no such thing as enlightenment. at any given point that’s actually the best teaching possible. fuck enlightenment. fuck it . fuck it. fuck it. thanx. 🙂

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