The Undead

Here’s what I think happens to you after you die:

If you do not awaken in this lifetime then the same part of you that believes and holds onto the “you” continues post mortem. After dying you will immediately be transported (just like in Star Trek) to the pearly gates of heaven where St. Peter will tell you this:

“Good job chap…close, but not quite-now try again.” He then, will push a button, upon which you will be immediately transported back (just like in Star Trek) to the womb of some poor unsuspecting mother.

If you have awakened in this lifetime then no part of you continues post mortem because there is no you to continue- and when you’re dead- well uh, you’re dead. End of story.

Doesn’t this make sense? I mean this is why all separate egos are scared to death to wake up.

This is why all separate egos are offended by, avoid at all cost, and deny-every step of the way- anything that has to do with authentic enlightenment: Because it is indeed the death of the separate you. People who free-climb Mt. Everest without oxygen bottles are pussies compared to someone who consciously meets his own existential death. So, if you are day dreaming about awakening, and you really want to go through with the thing, there is one ingredient you might do well to stock up on: COURAGE. Yep, in order to wake up you must meet death consciously while you are alive.

Which then, I suppose, implies that people who are Awake are, ehh, the undead. Yep. I love me some brains.




2 Responses to The Undead

  • Now I know why I have nightmares with zombies! It’s only my desire to wake up. 🙂

  • Enjoying this blog! but this one is the exact place where I’m stuck right now. I think a lot of people think Enlightenment as some sort of bliss heaven away from this cruel, mean world. Coming to terms that Enlightenment is actually death, cessation, from the unawakened view is, quite frankly, terrifying and the worst depression I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some existential stinkers).

    I’d love to know if you have any tips on moving through this, to just keep going forward, when courage is a bit sparse on the ground.

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