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The Blue Collar Enlightenment Path & Course is an online 12 week spiritual awakening course which offers seekers the opportunity  to make significant leaps and bounds on their spiritual journey.  The first 4 weeks is offered for free and is composed of 2 co-teachers, 2 guest teachers, 2 live webinars (2 hours each)  and  4 hours of streaming teaching and exercise video. Students longing for a deeper and more profound transformation can register and enroll for the final 8 weeks of the course.  The last  8 weeks is composed of 2 co-teachers, 2 guest teachers, 9 live webinars and  20 hours of streaming / downloadable video (divided into 8 steps with 35 teaching videos and 52 exercise videos)  The Blue Collar Enlightenment course is a practical nuts and bolts path which delivers awakening results.  New spiritual seekers have found the course insightful, transformational, and immensely beneficial.  Longtime spiritual seekers have found the course refreshingly honest, intimate, personal and challenging.  The course, while based on tried and true non-dual teachings, advaita vedanta, zen, and perennial philosophies – does not use any of the language found in these schools.  Blue Collar Enlightenment is an authentically fresh. clear and powerful path for individuals interested in spiritual finding.

A Look Inside the Course- Running Time: 2:47

A look at the Webinars- Running Time: 4:33

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The 8 Steps:

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The Orientation has everything you need to know about how to approach, learn, process and benefit ( the most)  from The Blue Collar Enlightenment Course. We’ll go over the three elements, the four types of spiritual seekers, zen-mind, beginners mind and the basic breathing relaxation exercise.  12 Videos / 2  Exercises


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Spiritual Ache, Honesty & Self-Acceptance  

One can only get to the present blue collar moment by embracing spiritual ache, honesty and self-acceptance. What is amazing about this process is that it throws you into being here and now. Accepting all moments slowly melts the dominance of thought, emotion and body – revealing something else quite extraordinary: self-aware consciousness.  13 Videos / 6 Exercises



Mindfulness, Self-Awareness & Consciousness

Being mindful and recognizing conscious self awareness as the mysterious source of life and who you are is step number two in Blue Collar Enlightenment. In many respects this is the primary step of spirituality itself. When we acknowledge conscious self awareness all sorts of change, healing, clarity, peace and well-being begin to occur.  11 Videos / 7 Exercises


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Seeing Ego Externally

In seeing ego you empower conscious self awareness until their roles are reversed. This is the beautiful and magical part of the process. For most of us ego is in charge. In Blue Collar Enlightenment conscious self awareness is in charge. This reversal of roles introduces a positive revolution of fulfillment in your life. 10 Videos / 7 Exercises


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Seeing Ego Internally

In step four we focus on seeing ego in our internal lives; the things we do with our head and heart: eating, talking, thinking and emoting.  In Blue Collar Enlightenment we strive to find a good head-heart balance, which we use to gain an accurate understanding about enlightenment- because knowing the truth about enlightenment makes it possible. 11 Videos / 9 Exercises


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Love, Transference & Vulnerability

Love is contagiousIn classical spiritual terms transference is about the teacher’s attainment rubbing off on the student. The teacher has a somatic, empathic,  emotional and energetic skill. The student resonates with this skill through association. This association may be through books, videos, live workshops or service. You are what you meditate on.  10 Videos / 6 Exercises


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Body & Heart

Blue Collar Enlightenment happens in the most humble of places- your body. While investigating ego and conscious self awareness we include the body. It is when conscious self awareness shows up fully in the body that we experience the heart and joy of Blue Collar Enlightenment.10 Videos / 6 Exercises


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Spiritual Resolve, Greenlighting  & Journaling

Without resolve life is not going to hand you spiritual awakening on a silver platter.  Resolve is most effective when combined with conscious self awareness and fierceness. Fierceness is positive action and determination, no matter the odds. In Blue Collar Enlightenment we use two methods to strengthen your resolve: journaling and green-lighting.12 Videos / 5 Exercises


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Positive Crisis, Change & Death

 The last step of Blue Collar Enlightenment is positive crisis. If you’ve truly engaged in and practiced the seven other steps, sooner or later positive crisis will appear. This step requires deep spiritual acceptance, faith, and confidence because aspects of your life are about to crumble and transform.  We meet positive crisis together. We laugh, cry, hug, dance and embrace the strange mystery of being alive and the strange mystery of Blue Collar Enlightenment.       10 Videos / 6 Exercises