Spiritual Enlightenment Cliche’ # 54231516 What is true Spirituality?

Jed McKenna is my hero. There’s a passage in his book, Spiritual Enlightenment- The Damnedest Thing, that gets right to the root of our post modern spiritual materialism: He calls it en-lite-enment; where a person’s got all the goods, but none of the substance. Goods being meditation pillows, incense, rock gardens, statues, crystals, Oprah recommended books, and guaranteed techniques that will get you from point A to point B. All of this -out the proverbial yin-yang. Substance of course being enlightenment. (Oh yeah that)

Funny thing about waking up- it gives you a birds eye view of the spiritual landscape. And let me tell you: the view stinks. BUT- there’s hope…

The Stinky View: It’s littered with spiritual garbage, clichés, vapidity, wastes of money, wastes of energy, and worst of all, wastes of your life’s most precious resource- time. So here’s what I’m going to do- I’m going to save you the trouble of bumping into some of this garbage by describing it to you. I know, I know… this probably isn’t the wisest course of action to take (I’m about to be snarky, cynical, and sarcastic) for such a sensitive and spiritual soul as yourself, but hey man, I gotta live up to the website header every now and again. I’ll describe just one cliche’ for you today. It’s a doooosey.

Here it is: Coexist. If I see one more of these inane bumper stickers, I am going to run up to the car, and with the graceful stroke of my black sharpie pen, transform it into a really cool sexual innuendo- Because… there is a vague spiritually enlightened implication lurking between the lines and symbols of those bumper stickers, that irks the shit out of me. Here’s the irk: As an awakened person I am not obligated, destined, or legally bound to coexist with anybody. (Except my wife who tolerates none of my BS and Rusty, my fat orange tabby cat, who would gladly scratch my eyeballs out and eat them for dinner if I did not pet and feed him regularly) 

I can dislike my neighbors. (I actually do) I can be pissed off at a relative. (I actually am) I can think that guy’s religion sucks. (Most guys actually do) I can refuse to be in the same room with someone. (You for instance if you stink) I can vote for the KKK party. (Okay- I haven’t done this yet- but I can)

Nothing obligates me to sport an en-lite-enment shit-eating-world-peace grin that says I’m accepting of all races, religions, and beliefs, at all times.

Actually it’s just the opposite: This world IS The Matrix. Most people are very asleep- dangerously so- and I simply, wisely, avoid them. I have no illusions about making this place a paradise. This place is a learning ground for young souls- and without normal amounts of conflict, tension, strife, and difficulty there would zero to learn.

The lesson: If you are serious about spirituality and waking up you need to realise this: There is no transforming this world into paradise. There is only transforming you, and transcending the world. You will not figure this place out. You will not make it a perfect heaven. You will not achieve perfect coexistence- among the human race, the dolphin race, the cockroach race, or otherwise. You will not change this place one iota. It does not need to be changed. It is perfect just the way it is. This place is not even a place. It’s a dream world. It’s Maya. It’s a Realm. (If you doubt the validity of this statement, go outside on a clear night and stare up at the vast array of stars for fifteen minutes- space is infinite.)

Coexist!? Give it up man. When you can comfortably and peacefully coexist with yourself then you can talk to me about coexisting with the rest of the world, dolphins, and cockroaches. Most politicians, priests, environmentalists, newagers, and social do-gooders are two-faced liars. They preach one thing and then go home and beat their wives, molest the kids in their choir, yell F—Y– in bad traffic, eat at McDonalds, and avoid at all cost actually cleaning up their own acts. (Wow I’m really full of brimstone spit-fire hell damnation in this blog essay – Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberson would be proud)

Okay, I’m done. Softer, kinder, me: I’m just watchin’ out for ya man -YOU- the sincere and earnest newbie spiritual seeker who is very vulnerable to attacks by the great illusionist Maya. You’ll start down this path with a wonderful amount of spiritual enthusiasm and naivete and then get easily sidetracked by en-lite-enment materialism and cliché’ and end up in some dark alley, that you think is filled with wonderfulness and progress and passion and light, but really is just a very fancy and sophisticated ego trap. You’ll spend thirty years of your precious life there and come out (if ever) wondering -what just happened? -I’m still a miserable and unhappy soul. But, but, but, regret, regret, regret…

So here I am. Here’s Attaining PIE. I’M A PATCH. (Thanks Jed) I’m a software patch here to tell you this: – You are headed down the wrong road my friend. This program you’re running is doomed to failure. Plug this PATCH in. Look out! – for spiritual traps. Watch out for your SELF. Watch out for who you truly long to be and why you are truly here on this earth. Keep pointed in that direction: Awakening-Love-Enlightenment. And then, yeah cool man, we can all peacefully, normally, with limitations, with humbleness…coexist.

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Through self-inquiry exercises, nondoing relaxation methods, visualization techniques, eye contact & deep heart listening J. Stewart Dixon offers spiritual awakening facilitation, resonance & coaching services to guide you to glimpses of the awakened state & ultimately to your own awakening. J. Stewart studied for two decades & awakened under the guidance of numerous nondual, advaita & zen teachers.




2 Responses to Spiritual Enlightenment Cliche’ # 54231516 What is true Spirituality?

  • Would you clarify the concept of transcending? I have a little different take on this, maybe just semantics. The word “transcend” can imply a hierarchy, which leads to duality. While our existence in the relative world (samsara) is marked by duality, the world of the absolute lacks such distinctions — or at least that’s the way I understand it. From this perspective, there is nothing to transcend. An angry person (tricked by Maya) sees the world as a conflicted place, a buddha sees it as paradise. Same world, different views. Are we talking about the same thing?

    • Good question. What I mean by transcend in this blog post gets to one of the primary ingredients of awakening. It’s a slow multi-layed, and sometimes complex, process. What I’m talking about is the process of identifying with what you are referring to as the absolute. I’ll call it witness-consciousness-awareness. With practice, learning, reading, and sitting with awakened teachers one slowly starts to gravitate to the witness awareness position- at all times. Also part of this process is an existential failure- in other words- the student begins to see all the futility of egoic seeking in the world. The futility of his own grasping, desiring, wanting craving mind. None of it produces happiness. None of it works. Seeing and realizing this breaks ones heart. Combine this heart breaking existential failure with the identification of the witness-consciousness and the result is something one could call transcendance. Really go deep in this process and you will encounter a type of ego-death fear wall. Walking through this fear wall is another big ingredient in awakening. Hope this helps. ( ALL- my humble-PIE opinion.!) Great question.

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