Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment Teachers and their Differences

I just finished Jed McKennas Theory of Everything. I’m a big Jed fan. Read all his books. Searched for him online (in vain of course) And dreamed many a time of having the anonymous-book selling-mythos-lifestyle that he has somehow conjured up. I even play Tomb Raider. (Just bought my very first Xbox and have been playing the shit out of it) The name of this blog/website is even partially inspired by the title of his second book, Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment. So yeah, I like Jed McKenna. Funny thing however, I don’t think Jed would like me. If we met we would probably bicker and fight over the nuances of explaining, teaching, and being enlightened. And that, in a nutshell is the perfect example of spiritual awakening teachers and their differences- Put them all in the same room and I guarantee a bloody, cursing, knock-down, brawl of a fist-fight in about five minutes. Wouldn’t you just love to see Eckhart Tolle with a black eye? ( Well, I would. )

Something I’ve discovered in my research and interviews for my second book, Blue Collar Enlightenment, is that all awakening teachers have their own style or tendencies which they lean toward. Some babble on about now or NOW or here and now or never not now. Others are proclaiming the dream, the dreamer, maya, illusion. Some are dripping with love and compassion and joy. Others are about stark spiritual cynicism and borderline nihilism. Some are heady and intellectual. Some are artsy, simple and hippy-earthy.

Speaking with and getting to know these individuals has been a great lesson in understanding the roots of these awakening differences. These roots offer a valuable lesson in your own awakening process. Simply put, this is it: Ego remains. Jed Mckenna was probably an intelligent, funny, cynical and anti-social person before awakening. Ken Wilbur was probably an intellectual brainiac before his awakening. Ammachi probably loved giving hugs before her awakening. Adyashanti was probably a pretty cool, collected, and politically correct person before his awakening. You get the picture. Ego doesn’t dissolve, die, go away, or become non-existent. Ego remains and that is a good thing.

Adi Da once said that was was truly amazing about humanity was the egoic-uniqueness of all seven billion of us.

(He was certainly unique!) All of us are unique. This uniqueness does not die with awakening. This uniqueness carries through into the consciousness of the awakened individual and gives color to that individuals expression of awakening. That color bleeds into everything that person does- actions, teachings, writings, dialogue, etc. There is no homogenous universal ONE spirit devoid of color, characteristic, or trait to be realized. There is no other universal spirit, god, or consciousness out there. YOU’RE IT- Along with all of your own unique color and personality. If you are shy now you will more than likely be shy after awakening. If you are angry now you will more than likely be angry after awakening. If you are an artsy fartsy hippy like peace-nik now- yep, you’ll be the same after awakening.

This is not to say that awakening doesn’t effect changes in the personality. It certainly does. But I want to caution against the spiritual hype. What I am saying is this: RELAX. Be yourself. Fuck trying to perfect yourself. Fuck trying to be more spiritual or here and now. Fuck trying to be non-dual. Fuck trying to be enlightened or awake. BE your SELF. You will never wash clean all of the shadow parts of your personality. You will never be perfect, shiny, glowing and radiantly enlightened at all times. Take a good look at all the spiritually awakened teachers out there and you will see what I am talking about. You will see their differences. You will see their uniqueness- their quirks, their faults, and foilables. This is awakening. This is Blue Collar Enlightenment. This is what there is to be realized. There is a great paradoxical peace and well being to be discovered when you finally relax into just being your plain old self. This is a requirement of awakening. This is true self-acceptance. Ain’t noone awake who hasn’t met this self-acceptance requirement.

If I were in a room with a bunch of awakened teachers this just might be my speech. I would deliver it with a sense of calmness, coolness and suave- in hopes that everyone in the room would agree with me afterwards. And if they didn’t- well then, I’d have to punch them in the eye.

J. Stewart Dixon was born in 1969. He studied with dozens of awakening /enlightenment teachers for two decades before his own awakening in 2010. He is the author of 21 Days, A Guide for Spiritual Beginners www.21Daysbook.com  Get punched in the eye by me personally: I offer skype sessions.  Please like the shit out of this on facebook …or else… 🙂

Comment after posting by Jeff:

I know this post seems contradictory to my previous one “ego self-destruct button”.  It ain’t.  Ego doesn’t get destroyed, it gets removed from its throne.  This removal seems like a destruction to ego.  Paradox, contradiction- yes blue collar enlightenment is not black and white.




7 Responses to Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment Teachers and their Differences

  • …And some that I know are whimsically comical!

  • Jeff, someone liked a Adyashanti quote that I had sent you on FB and I saw your link-Love this one, photo included! Ha-ha-ha! Touche’

  • Well – I’d agree that the ego doesn’t go away. It’s a function of our existence. What does fall away is the attachment to the ego and it’s dramas, it’s stories about what should be and control. And yes, the past momentum continues to some degree.

    Your proposal that Tolle and some others would fight over concepts is ridiculous. While Chopra is not yet awake, he’s still together enough not to find value in a big argument over concepts. Debating perhaps, but brawling? Just who’s dramas and expectations are we talking about here? I would agree however, that there are teachers who have drama to dissolve. You may find Cohen’s recent post insightful.

    Different teachers do bring different messages or approaches to the topic. Some will resonate with this person but not with that. As you say, we’re all a little unique. It’s also useful to recognize that enlightenment typically unfolds in stages. Different teachers may be speaking to a different approach or to different stages of the journey. For example, these days, many confuse initial awakening with non-duality quite incorrectly. Or worse, after a dry initial shift express that as The Truth.

    How many teachers would invite you to a satsang if your goal was to pick a fight? Is your goal to reinforce drama? Or is to wind the dramas down? It strikes me you may have missed one of Jed’s key points- to bust through all that. You talk about relaxing in the post yet much of this is anything but.

    Jed himself does evidently do some satsangs but they’re small, local & by invitation. By your comments, one can see why he’d want some privacy. 😉

    ps – never say never. That’s just another expectation. 😉

    • My blog and style is for people who are sick of the same old lotus flower encrusted- and eh, politically correct- bland awakening verbiage.
      Of course there wouldn’t be a fight. I’m exaggerating for entertainment purposes and to make a point … and to get your attention…
      which I did 😉 Yes, I want attention. Lots of it and your money too please… 🙂

  • Love it. Entertain away. Thank you for the refreshments!
    As an angry awake person :-), I get warm fuzzies when I read your posts.
    To me (this egoic ‘point of identified consciousness’), it’s like Ramana Maharshi taught – there are vasanas that play out after awakening… the karma that unfolds still like the ceiling fan that keeps spinning after the power is turned off. It becomes like a movie. We can still even try to stop being angry, if we wanna… we can try to ‘change,’ lose weight, have better whatever… whether it happens or not is another story. Major difference post awakening: there is no one there to beat up anymore when this, that, or the other thing doesn’t happen. But we still may try to sock another person in the eye just because we’re wired that way. Yessiree, it’s true. Believe it or not. It ain’t all hearts ‘n flowers and the Dalai Lama. I’d kinda dig being a more peaceful easy awakened one from time to time (and I’m sure my closest loved ones would like that too), but that wasn’t the hand dealt to this body-mind organism. And there’s no one there to have a problem with it anymore. Since ‘my’ awakening is pretty fresh (about 2 yrs now), I occasionally do a spot-check to see if there’s someone there to care, and there isn’t. It’s hilarious. Like your blog.
    Write on. Rock on.

    • Thanks Erin
      Yes, we’re in the awakening 4.0 club. Messy,raw, straightforward, and not so clean cut. Rock n Roll analogy: Way too many Guns n Roses out there. Time for some Nirvana. 😉

  • great post… thanks!

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