Reluctance, Avoidance & Indecision VS. Spiritual Enlightenment Resolve


Let’s talk about resolve. Spiritual enlightenment resolve to be precise. You may have noticed a few changes to this website. Changes that are a call to action for both you and me; changes that invite you to participate in the awakening process beyond the armchair, the computer, the ipad or kindle. Personally, I’m feeling the need to unfurl my wings, to expand them . . . and to fly. I’m feeling the need to CHANGE. I hope you are too.

I want to be straight-forward, direct and blunt about these matters, because there is a great learning opportunity here for you: I have resolve. I have always had resolve. I will always have resolve. Resolve is what brought me to awakening. Resolve is what got me up out of the lazy seat and into the hot seat. Resolve saved my ass. Resolve to want happiness, peace, freedom, and wellbeing. Resolve not to settle. Resolve to apply myself. Resolve to be better. Resolve is the most important spiritual element you can bring to the awakening process.

Ya know what ya got when you don’t have resolve?- reluctance, avoidance & indecision. In other words, yep, ya got shit. Yeah, them’s fightin’ words.

There is no in between; no middle ground where you can just comfortably float by, in some sort of spiritual seeking limbo, and hope that eventually it will all just work itself out . . . somehow. Nope. Does not work that way. You procastinate, you avoid: you lose. Reluctant or indecisive : you lose. Timid or shy: you lose. It’s not all happening for a reason. It’s not all good and light and shiney. It’s not all serving your higher purpose. You are not automatically, miraculously, and spontaneously (because twenty years ago you read Autobiography of a Yogi) going to spiritually awaken. You need to work at it.

Blue collar enlightenment requires a little blue collar work.

I know I’m being pretty black and white here, but let’s examine the situation a little closer and get clearer on why I’m being such a pest. Hmm… I like that. Yes, I am a spiritual pest. No teacher of awakening or enlightenment is worth a two cent damn unless they contain a little pestiness. Here’s an ABC list:

A. Most of what you are doing with your life is mind numbingly repetitive. Work. Relationships. Interaction. TV. Diet. Social influences. Day in and day out you repeat the same set of energetic patterns and life circumstances. Karma anyone? You need to resolve to break these patterns. Moral of story: Get spiritual resolve.

B. You make progress on the spiritual awakening path by means of two motivating factors: inspiration and suffering. Suffering: Need I say anything about suffering, stagnation, separation, fear, pain, or just plain life suckage? Inspiration: You get inspiration from those who have overcome suffering. Getting up close and personal with both suffering and inspiration will give you resolve. Moral of story: Get spiritual resolve.

C. It’s good to have spiritual pest, much like a professional athlete needs a trainer. Someone to shout at them. Someone to encourage them. Someone to tell them when they are great. Someone to tell them when they suck. Someone to help plant the seeds of resolve. Moral of story: Get spiritual resolve.

Bottom line is this: If you truly want to wake up, find authentic peace, or obtain an on-going sense of normal well-being, at some point in your spiritual life you are going to have to RESOLVE to get serious about this business.

You, like me, are probably no one special; not born a saint; not destined for enlightened fame; not a cosmic boddhisattva. Nope, you ain’t none a those things. You probably have a job, bills to pay, a family to take care of, relationships to attend to, and all the usual life circumstances. And so my friend, guess what? You are going to have to do some work. You are going to have to invest some time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears. Trust me, it is worth it. Every single pesty penny.

Blue Collar Enlightenment: Get to work soldier. All of this is good, just, balanced and the way it should be. Flowers do not spontaneously appear. They work for it. They struggle to reach the light. They burst forth. They grow. They bloom and they blossom. Perfect. Natural. Just. Spiritual awakening abides by its’ own set of natural laws. I don’t pretend to know them all- but I’m pretty confident about this one: Without resolve you’ll just sit there staring at a computer screen.

So YES, go for it!: Join me in one of my monthly classes or schedule some skype sessions. I’m really not that scary and I promise to be a nice pest.

J. Stewart Dixon was born in 1969. He studied with dozens of awakening /enlightenment teachers for two decades before his own awakening in 2010. He is the author of 21 Days, A Guide for Spiritual Beginners.  




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