Cancel your plans and give Mystery a chance

Cancel your plans. Kill your TV. Be bored. Embrace tomorrow with nothing to do. And…give mystery a chance to awaken your heart.

(Pardon my appearance- did this one at 6am, before coffee, when the house was quiet, and not a creature was stirring….)

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 11:08

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7 Responses to Cancel your plans and give Mystery a chance

  • J,

    Great message from you today A message that is often overlooked.It made me think of planning on a day to do this. haha

    Thanks, M

  • Hi Jeff, so nice to see you and listen/watch the whole way through today. Usually, lately my Sundays have been too full to stay here and so today it was a timely message to remember that truly most all of our “plans” can be dropped to make space for other happenings to occur. Thanks, for the nod. Hugs, Jan

  • Thanks Jeff, sweet message. Lovely to marinate in the mystery with you.

  • Good one! Thanks. Love the reminder about ‘being’ and ‘allowing’ in the space. Unplugging is a way to start being aware of That Which Is Always Here and Available, always here even when there is busy-ness.

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