Grocery Store Enlightenment – your guide down the produce isle to spiritual awakening

Strange things happen in grocery stores…  At least they do for me.   Awakening has transformed what was once a prosaic, piddly, and pedantic activity into a euphoric and charming escapade.  How so?

I will describe the experience, but first you should understand it.  What I am going to describe here is a type of samadhi (Hindu word roughly translated: blissful experience) that more frequently than not, occurs to me when I go to public places with lots of people.  This is not my usual state, however as an awakened human being it doesn’t take much for me to fall into it.  Additionally, I have very little control over access to this state, but it is definitely one of the perks that has accompanied awakening.  This would also be a good place to say this:  Awakening is not a constant blissful high; Awakening is not even a constant good feeling; Awakening under most circumstances, just feels plain and normal.  Plain and normal is good, considering the years of existential depression I went through to arrive here.  Trust me, I wish grocery store enlightenment was a permanent state, but it’s not.  Sometimes it does last for extended periods of time (days or weeks), but I’ve been through it a gazillion times and know that the euphoria always subsides.

Grocery store enlightenment:  Trying to describe this (assuming you are not awake) is sorta like trying to describe sex to a virgin, but here goes:  It was Christmas eve day and my wife and I and our son we’re rushing to get out of the house to make the drive to my parents’ place for Christmas.  But we had to stop at the local grocery store to get some bread and wine and eggnog and tempora shrimp sushi, you know, the usual last minute Christmas stuff.  I was not feeling particularly euphoric; I wasn’t even feeling particularly Christmassy.  I was just trying to get to my parent’s house.  We all walked into the store.   I headed with my wife and son over to the sushi counter and grabbed a package of pre-made oriental delight.  Then I decided to go buy a few bottles of wine to give as gifts to some relatives.

It was the trip to the wine aisle that did me in. That’s when this particular episode of grocery store enlightenment hit.

It begins as a sense of feeling returning to my arms, hands, legs, and feet and then quickly transforms into a warm, soft, full-bodied awareness … sorta like, well eh, drinking a glass of wine, except without the drunken and toxic side effects.  Simultaneously, I begin to have a sense of increased agility, dexterity and ease of movement.  My posture straightens out.  I hold my head high.  My chest naturally expands outward.  Visually my perception expands and I begin perceiving more through what seems like the outer surfaces of my eyeballs.  This results in a very clear and bright sense of perception.  I feel an increased blood flow through the veins of my neck.  I feel a subtle pleasurable pressure in the right hemisphere of my brain.  I begin to have a sense that anything can happen and if it does it will be good.  When I walk there is a nimbleness to my stride and I feel like I am gliding or floating.  My heart begins to twinge with a pleasurable pressure and that is the final straw, as I transform into a ridiculously giddy little schoolboy.  I could literally do cartwheels in the aisles of the grocery store.  I am happy with a capitol H.  I banter with people.  I am eager to help.  I am approachable and warm.  I smile easily and laugh at the drop of a hat.

I am… the Grocery store enlightened MAN … and it is an utter delight.  And then, a few hours later, or in this case I think it was the next day,  it subsides.   Yep- strange things happen in grocery stores.




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