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The Backstage question you need to ask

If you bumped into a big famous nondual satsang teacher backstage here’s the question you should ask him or her. ” What-

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Why Advaita Nondual Satsang teachers stare and pause – Love is Contagious

I’d like to share my blue collar enlightenment back stage insights about teachers (me included occasionally) who do a whole lotta staring and pausing and the necessity for balance with this teaching tool and style. You’ve heard it called different names- transmission, transference, morphogenic fields, mirror neurons, speaking from stillness, etc. But what is it really? Is it necessary?  How does it benefit or not benefit you?  Running Time: 9:58


Please DO leave a comment or question …

I read them all and I usually respond.   Follow the link below or the title link to get to comment page. You’re awesome.

The Spiritual Awakening Triumvirate: Triumph, Failure, and Paradox

I was gunna write “threesome” instead of “triumvirate” as part of the title for this blog, but this is the internet and I already get enough porn spam in my comment boxes. Yeah, Attainingpie gets porn spam. Things like- “Wow- I can’t believe how relevant this blog post was ! Visit Japan-dual-penetration.com for more great pics!” I’m a polite, gullible, and horny guy so I follow the link. Accck! I thought it would be a Japanese Non-dual Zen site with some -penetrating- koans on the heart of reality. No-sir. Two guys strapped in leather and…oh, well, you get the picture. Just saw some article about the rules of the internet. One of the them said: Nothing is Sacred. Yep. The internet (You may quote me) – It’s a Lamborghini that delivers a twinkie.  In my case, I guess … pie.

On to business: Are you a seeker? Long on the path? New to the path? Thinkin’ about this whole Enlightenment thing? The whole non-dual Awakening no-self, realized-Self, who-am-I thing? The REAL Be-Here-Now spiritual experience thing? Well then, may I introduce to you three concepts, that penetrate fully into the heart of reality: Triumph, Failure and Paradox. You’re gunna need all three of these to make the journey. You ready?

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Spiritual awakening, living, eating, breathing, sleeping, and dish washing

I’m going to write a few posts that are a bit more awakened-feeling oriented- more like my book- than this silly blog. Tired of ranting. Tired of trying to make mountains out of molehills. Tired of enlighten-tainment. Nothing wrong with any of these things. Just need a change, to keep on my toes. I for one, easily succumb to the malodorous smell of mediocre repetition. Sarcasm gets old. In the end, I know (first hand) that enlightenment is a very serious business. I choose this format (p.i.e.) because there are just way too many overly serious websites about the subject already.

So here’s what’s happenin’ in this post: Much like my book, 21 Days- A Guide for Spiritual Beginners, I’m going to give you a minute by minute microscopic look at the day in the life of a schmuck who realized the truth of things. Enjoy…

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Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment- How long is this shit gunna take?

(About ten years if you’re smart- Read on)

There aren’t too many teachers who are willing to talk about time. As in, how much time is this whole awakening thing gunna take? Or, how long am I in for if I sign up? I assume these teachers are just too busy tending to the politically correct now where conversations about awakening- in the future- (gasp!) are strictly taboo. Well f— that.

I wish I could say we lived in an era where all you had to do was attend so and so school of enlightenment or this and that school of awakening and in four years you received your degree. Done. Thank you. Bye.

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Grocery Store Enlightenment – your guide down the produce isle to spiritual awakening

Strange things happen in grocery stores…  At least they do for me.   Awakening has transformed what was once a prosaic, piddly, and pedantic activity into a euphoric and charming escapade.  How so?

I will describe the experience, but first you should understand it.  What I am going to describe here is a type of samadhi (Hindu word roughly translated: blissful experience) that more frequently than not, occurs to me when I go to public places with lots of people.  This is not my usual state, however as an awakened human being it doesn’t take much for me to fall into it.  Additionally, I have very little control over access to this state, but it is definitely one of the perks that has accompanied awakening.  This would also be a good place to say this:  Awakening is not a constant blissful high; Awakening is not even a constant good feeling; Awakening under most circumstances, just feels plain and normal.  Plain and normal is good, considering the years of existential depression I went through to arrive here.  Trust me, I wish grocery store enlightenment was a permanent state, but it’s not.  Sometimes it does last for extended periods of time (days or weeks), but I’ve been through it a gazillion times and know that the euphoria always subsides.

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You are NOT already awake- spiritually, holistically, or otherwise

You know, until I woke up, I didn’t feel like I was awake at all.

Honestly, I would just about gag when someone told me I was already awake. Cheesy celestial new age music: You are what you are seeking for. You are That. You are the Self. Blah blah. What bullshit.

Had I believed it then my response would have been this: Okay well then fuck it- you’re right. Yahoo I’m enlightened! Ain’t a damn thing I need to do. Back to drinkin’ and surfin’ the internet for porn. Back to feeling depressed, chronically separate, full of cynicism, anger and fear. I ain’t gotta worry bout none eh that now! – cause he/she done told me!- I am/is/are already Aaaawake! Yaaaaaahoooo!

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Nirvana & Samsara – Buddhism and authentic spiritual enlightenment, awakening

Nirvana and Samsara are the same. I couldn’t agree more. You’ve heard this saying before and maybe couldn’t grok its exact meaning. Let me shed a little light….

There is a honeymoon period in the blossoming of enlightenment, lasting a short time (weeks, months) , that is positively euphoric … nirvana. This euphoria is felt whole body. It’s like being plugged into a light current of pleasurable electricity … or getting slightly drunk, but with zero side effects. This current has an ebb and flow to it which manifests differently under varying circumstances. In the extreme, you can barely walk or talk …and to sit and do absolutely nothing is just fine.

I think Echart Tolle’ said that after his awakening, he sat on a park bench for two years…yep.

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Mystery- Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, and General Confusion

     Most seekers of awakening, to no fault of their own, imagine awakening as being some amalgamation or permutation of bliss, satori, self, higher consciousness, god, love, being, now-ness, etc. In other words, seekers can point to these words, but only… in a limited, frustrated or unfulfilled fashion. They can’t point to them and own them. They can’t 100% comprehend what this whole awakening thing is really about. Even if the seeker has had numerous awakening experiences- (non-abiding the Buddhists call it) there’s still an element about the whole process that resides in the dark. What is it? What’s missing? Why can’t I get it. I don’t understand. I had it. I lost it. Is this it? Is that it?

Awakening for the seeker is a contradiction spinning in puzzle surrounded by mystery wrapped in a paradox… In other words,  it’s confusing as shit.  And-  all of this is good and just and exactly the way it should be…

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