What is BCE?

What is Blue Collar Enlightenment?


What is Blue Collar Enlightenment?

What exactly do I mean by Blue Collar Enlightenment?: 

You: At the heart of what I mean by blue collar enlightenment is that you, probably like me are no one super special. You aren’t a monk, a mystic, a saint, a reincarnated Llama, a religious leader, a genius, a celebrity, a world leader, a pulitzer prize winning Phd, a lotto winner, a media mogul or even a member of the 1%. You’re an average Joe or Jane- with a family, mortgage, job, two cars, a dog and a ridiculously expensive cell phone bill. (You get the idea) Notice that I said no one super special. I do think, relative to spirituality and religion in general, you are special or more accurately unique, if only because so few human beings are genuinely interested in these matters.

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