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Satsang is Frustrating – and what to do about it

Here’s some bad news: Satsang is frustrating. And some good news: Satsang is frustrating. Sorry folks- ya gotta have both. Here’s what I did…to get beyond frustration.

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The Backstage question you need to ask

If you bumped into a big famous nondual satsang teacher backstage here’s the question you should ask him or her. ” What-

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Why Advaita Nondual Satsang teachers stare and pause – Love is Contagious

I’d like to share my blue collar enlightenment back stage insights about teachers (me included occasionally) who do a whole lotta staring and pausing and the necessity for balance with this teaching tool and style. You’ve heard it called different names- transmission, transference, morphogenic fields, mirror neurons, speaking from stillness, etc. But what is it really? Is it necessary?  How does it benefit or not benefit you?  Running Time: 9:58


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The Neuroscience of a Spiritual Teacher

I find it very odd that humanity still retains an old school resistance to and distrust of spiritual teachers, gurus or religious authority figures. We haven’t let go of those old wounds or deep fears which over the eons have collectively lodged themselves into our unconscious. We are still throwing the baby out with the bath water. We are still shooting our own foot- to avoid conflict. It’s an adolescent disposition reminicient of the teenager who wants to skip school. So if you would, I’d like to take a minute to examine this old paradigm, deconstruct it and rebuild it in the light of modern day neuroscience. If spiritual growth interests you- being anti-guru, anti-religious or anti-spiritual authority is hogwash and flies in the face of today’s neuroscience.

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Shadow Teachers- The best awakening / enlightenment teachers

I am a shadow teacher. When I write, speak or teach about awakening you will see, hear, and feel my shadow sitting right next to me. I do not hide it. I am not ashamed of it. I do not attempt to scrub it clean. I welcome it into the room; with all it’s glorious faults, apparent contradictions, blemishes, and rough edges. I don’t do this for you. I don’t do this in the name of drama or entertainment. I don’t do this because I am in truth “perfect or pure” and am trying to relate to you. No. I do this because shadow is not separate from who I am.

But of course, there is more to it/me than this because we all have a shadow, and simply recognizing and embracing the shadow does not mean you will wake up. The trick then- to spiritual awakening- is to recognize and embrace both the shadow and that which casts the shadow: LIGHT. Are you with me?- Embrace both. Welcome them both into awakening. Some of my teachers were shadow teachers and I loved/love them dearly. They were the ones who truly inspired me, truly allowed me to be myself, truly empowered me to embrace my own unique awakening. And I did just that. I welcome you to do it as well. Let’s explore the shadow …

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Awakening Ingredients and the SECRET to destroying the Death Star

So here we are. The final stretch. The final days of the twenty six thousand year long equinox precession. The end of the great Mayan calendar. The beginning of the new age. The Aquarian age. Is your vibration high enough? Has the great white brotherhood initiated you? Is your light body in tune with the super-divine energy of the universe? Are you pure enough? Enlightened enough? Perfect enough? Are you finally ready for Transcendence now that December 21st 2012 is here? Are the stars finally aligned for you?

Take a deep breath. Be honest now. Come on, really honest. Let silence settle upon your body. Let softness enter your mind. Relax. Let your guard down. It’s okay. It’s okay to admit- your answer to all of these questions is probably…no.

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Advaita Vedanta Non dual Satsang Teachers and Enlightenment Gurus

Today I received an email… from one of the many sat sang teachers who are running around America selling their wares. I have absolutely no problem with any of these teachers and as you’ll find out, this is the school I graduated from. I have read this teachers’ books, watched his videos and seen him in person. This teacher is awake. But damn that was one cheesy email. The current sat sang modus operandi is becoming the music industry equivalent of Duran Duran. Upon opening the email, there splayed out like porn on a background of slightly out of focus bluish mountains is this:

Like the imaginary lines created between countries,

we create separation in our minds.

All our distinctions are like lines on water.

The mystery of Intelligent Love brings us together

regardless of the lines we imagine.

Huh? I’m confused.

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