Neuroscience is catching up to Spirituality

Last fall I took a Mindfulness and the Brain course at the University of Virginia’s Mindfulness Center. It was a revelation; not in terms of the mind’s potential, or it’s power to change or its’ more esoteric capabilities. Nope. I learned those lessons from some twenty-five years of spiritual seeking and now teaching in the schoolhalls of new-age metaphysics, yoga, guru admiration, advaita vedanta, and zen mindfulness. Got it. What was revealing about this class was hearing about these same concepts sans the flowery-spiritual-new age speak. The clean vernacular in this class was culled straight from the departments of neuroscience, medicine, and biology. I was simply blown away. I had no idea neuroscience was that close, that broad, that courageous, and well, that spiritual. This jaded spiritual teacher was impressed.

It’s a new day Charlie Brown. As a spiritual teacher I cannot tell you how relieved I was to discover this. No more vibey, new age, lingo. It always felt inadequate to me. No more touchy-feely overly dramatic and long-winded explanations.

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Video 2- Neuroscience & the #1 Key Awakening Ingredient

It may be surprising to find out that neuroscience can genuinely assist you in the awakening process.  Here’s a little more about it and how it relates to “satsang”

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The Neuroscience of a Spiritual Teacher

I find it very odd that humanity still retains an old school resistance to and distrust of spiritual teachers, gurus or religious authority figures. We haven’t let go of those old wounds or deep fears which over the eons have collectively lodged themselves into our unconscious. We are still throwing the baby out with the bath water. We are still shooting our own foot- to avoid conflict. It’s an adolescent disposition reminicient of the teenager who wants to skip school. So if you would, I’d like to take a minute to examine this old paradigm, deconstruct it and rebuild it in the light of modern day neuroscience. If spiritual growth interests you- being anti-guru, anti-religious or anti-spiritual authority is hogwash and flies in the face of today’s neuroscience.

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