Spiritual Awakening Used Cars for Sale!


spiritual used cars enlightenment for idiots


Yesterday I got my nuts kicked in by not one…not two…but THREE spiritual kudzu weed used car salesman. You’ve met this type right? They read a few books about some superficial spiritual shit and then insist on blabbing their profound discovery to the world… every opportunity they get. Ugh. Nauseous, me thinks… I was gunna be.

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Insult- Zen and the Art of Kicking your Ass into Spiritual Awakening

So, you want to wake up do ya? Hmmm? Really?…

Great. Well then, come sit on my knee and allow me to insult you.  Every tradition has their equivalent of a zen beating: an austerity, or test, or bare bones knock down fist fight that really tests the limits of your determination to actually go through with this waking up business.    … (continued)

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Spiritual Enlightenment Cliche’ # 54231516 What is true Spirituality?

Jed McKenna is my hero. There’s a passage in his book, Spiritual Enlightenment- The Damnedest Thing, that gets right to the root of our post modern spiritual materialism: He calls it en-lite-enment; where a person’s got all the goods, but none of the substance. Goods being meditation pillows, incense, rock gardens, statues, crystals, Oprah recommended books, and guaranteed techniques that will get you from point A to point B. All of this -out the proverbial yin-yang. Substance of course being enlightenment. (Oh yeah that)

Funny thing about waking up- it gives you a birds eye view of the spiritual landscape. And let me tell you: the view stinks. BUT- there’s hope…

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Are you making space for SPACE? Somethings gotta give…

Are you making space for SPACE?   Spiritual Awakening is the ultimate recognition of space / spaciousness / emptiness / consciousnes.  In order to recognize this ( down to the bone marrow ) somethings gotta give.  You need to make room;  set aside the frivolous, the unnecessary, the useless..  Are you doing this?  Or does your precious time, energy and life resource get sucked away by menial things?  Let’s investigate…

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 10:44

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Spiritual Humor, Sarcasm, Cynicism & Nihilism

Nihilism Humor

So as a first foray back into the world of PIE let us address the newly returned elephant in the room: Spiritual Humor, Sarcasm, Cynicism and Nihilism.  I am a fan of all four- to a certain extent. Part of the awakening process inevitably and naturally produces shades or vestiges of these things, but like anything else, they can also show up in over-abundant, rotten spades. Humor > turns into sarcasm.  Sarcasm > turns into cynicism. Cynicism > turns into NIHILISM.  When this happens… when the spiritual process turns into Nihilism…you’ve just become fucked, stuck and lost in a hole, seldom escaped from. Ooops- Not so funny anymore.

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There’s no such thing as enlightenment

This is probably the best thing I could say to any spiritual seeker to get them to stop fantasizing about something bigger or better …over there and in the future. When all your nondual advaita zen buddhist day dreams finally come true you will indeed realize that it’s all been a sham. Enlightenment? Nope. En-human-ment yes. This does not discount peak states- but peak states come and go. And this definitely does not discount the ongoing sense of peace confidence and fulfillment that comes with it- but when experienced continually “enlightenment” is quite ordinary and a really bad name for it.  This is one of the reasons  why I call it blue collar– hopefully this descriptive adjective reduces the usual ridiculous misconceptions about the big E.

“Call off the Search” Papaji once famously said. Couldn’t agree more. But, this too can be a trite statement. Usually the search gets called off after you have driven yourself mad f—ing crazy with searching, searching and searching…. Go figure.

Running Time: 9:07

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The Undead

Here’s what I think happens to you after you die:

If you do not awaken in this lifetime then the same part of you that believes and holds onto the “you” continues post mortem. After dying you will immediately be transported (just like in Star Trek) to the pearly gates of heaven where St. Peter will tell you this:

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Advaita Vedanta Non dual Satsang Teachers and Enlightenment Gurus

Today I received an email… from one of the many sat sang teachers who are running around America selling their wares. I have absolutely no problem with any of these teachers and as you’ll find out, this is the school I graduated from. I have read this teachers’ books, watched his videos and seen him in person. This teacher is awake. But damn that was one cheesy email. The current sat sang modus operandi is becoming the music industry equivalent of Duran Duran. Upon opening the email, there splayed out like porn on a background of slightly out of focus bluish mountains is this:

Like the imaginary lines created between countries,

we create separation in our minds.

All our distinctions are like lines on water.

The mystery of Intelligent Love brings us together

regardless of the lines we imagine.

Huh? I’m confused.

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The Return of PIE

ego vs noself

P.I.E. is returning…  A few years ago I decided to write a book, teach locally and express myself online about these strange matters. Slowly but surely I got serious about the whole thing and started teaching what I call Blue Collar Enlightenment– a quirky, effective way of packaging nondual / advaita awakening teachings in a modern nuts and bolts language and process.  This endeavor has now outgrown the PIE website and is moving on to it’s very own site called (not hard to guess) Blue Collar Enlightenment.  This site is in development and I hope to roll it out in the next couple of months.  Blue Collar Enlightenment will be a cross between Elephant Journal, Buddha at the Gas Pump and Shift Network.

In the meantime my shadow is longing to speak again and I’m going to give it permission to do so here, under the PIE banner.  I probably won’t do many blog posts or articles here, as the bulk of my attention will be taken up by BCE; but, from time to time,  you can  count on a spit-fire, sarcastic, shadow infused, potty-mouthed spiritual rant from J Stewart Dixon.  I never got into spirituality or awakening to be a saint, angel or avatar. Fuck that shit.   I just wanted to be happy, whole and human.  And that’s what happened- on a deep existential level I discovered an untouchable, immutable, unconditional peace, happiness and freedom.  Awesome. But on the surface level, on the level of personality and ego…on the earthly shadow level-  I’m still and always have been me – Jeff- imperfect, flawed, prone to the ups and downs of life, filled with joy, anger, sadness, boredom, ineptitude, humor, stupidity and smarts. This website will remain here for this part of J. Stewart Dixon to speak, criticize, laugh, comment, poke-fun-of, guide, help and teach.  I hope it tickles your fancy.  You of course are most welcome to join me here with comments, emails, or articles of your own.  So sit back, grab a fork and a plate and have a big ole piece of P.I.E.- Politically Incorrect Enlightenment.

Best and Thanks- J

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