Blue Collar Enlightenment- Spiritual Awakening for Extra-Ordinary People- My 2nd Book


Hey Everybody.  This is the cover and introduction to my 2nd book.  I haven’t written a single chapter, but will be writing throughout the summer. I NEED-CRAVE-DESIRE-DEMAND-DICTATE- your help please.  (Was that spiritually-politically incorrect enough?)  I’d like to do a trade:  I’ll provide free one-on-one phone/skype consultations in exchange for you finding agents/publishers to send PR packages to and emailing them out.  I’m interested in a major publisher this time around.  You: Gets Awakening help.  Me: Gets published.  Please contact me via contact form on this website or leave a comment!!!    Enjoy…


There’s a dirty little secret that has been perpetually hidden in the teachings of enlightenment for millennia now. It’s this: There is no such thing as enlightenment. Enlightenment is what’s left after you’ve given up on the search for enlightenment. Enlightenment is what remains when you have stopped obsequiously believing and following that annoying spiritual seeking voice in your head. It’s what’s left when you stop identifying with the “you” that is always seeking and demanding (not just spiritually) for more or better or bigger. Actually enlightenment shouldn’t even be called enlightenment- it should be call en-human-ment. That’s closer to the truth. There are a few elements to en-human-ment that one could point to and say- aha, enlightenment, but for the most part what is realized is surprisingly simple, natural and normal. So simple, natural and normal in fact, that I prefer to call it blue collar. Blue Collar Enlightenment- ahhh, that’s better.

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