Nirvana & Samsara – Buddhism and authentic spiritual enlightenment, awakening

Nirvana and Samsara are the same. I couldn’t agree more. You’ve heard this saying before and maybe couldn’t grok its exact meaning. Let me shed a little light….

There is a honeymoon period in the blossoming of enlightenment, lasting a short time (weeks, months) , that is positively euphoric … nirvana. This euphoria is felt whole body. It’s like being plugged into a light current of pleasurable electricity … or getting slightly drunk, but with zero side effects. This current has an ebb and flow to it which manifests differently under varying circumstances. In the extreme, you can barely walk or talk …and to sit and do absolutely nothing is just fine.

I think Echart Tolle’ said that after his awakening, he sat on a park bench for two years…yep.

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Ego, Mind, Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening

In order to transcend the ego you must have an ego big enough to think that you can actually transcend it.

These are my words. This was my credo during the years of my seeking adventure. Take it. Own it. Make it your own. If ego isn’t your friend, it better be, or you will never make it. Self-esteem. Confidence. Personal Power. Green Lighting. You will need all of these things. Are you or are you not going to the top?

Determination here is everything. In order to succeed you will need a strong, healthy ego: An ego that can discriminate. An ego that’s quick to change or altar course. An ego that’s thorough and steadfast. An ego that is simultaneously strong, brave, and humble. An ego that will carry you through the endless swamp of distraction and chaos that makes up this modern world. And finally, an ego that is willing to put it’s own head on the chopping block- an ego that embraces it’s own annihilation. Is this your ego?

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Mystery- Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, and General Confusion

     Most seekers of awakening, to no fault of their own, imagine awakening as being some amalgamation or permutation of bliss, satori, self, higher consciousness, god, love, being, now-ness, etc. In other words, seekers can point to these words, but only… in a limited, frustrated or unfulfilled fashion. They can’t point to them and own them. They can’t 100% comprehend what this whole awakening thing is really about. Even if the seeker has had numerous awakening experiences- (non-abiding the Buddhists call it) there’s still an element about the whole process that resides in the dark. What is it? What’s missing? Why can’t I get it. I don’t understand. I had it. I lost it. Is this it? Is that it?

Awakening for the seeker is a contradiction spinning in puzzle surrounded by mystery wrapped in a paradox… In other words,  it’s confusing as shit.  And-  all of this is good and just and exactly the way it should be…

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The Alchemy of Pain and Suffering. The raw truth of awakening and spirituality

I just went through- am going through- an instance of embracing and releasing pain and suffering. What!? You say- you’re awake! You’re not supposed to suffer! You’re supposed to be all shiny and happy.

Yeah right. Who told you that? – Swami Banana-yonda? Yogi Sat-shit-not-stink-ananda?

Did I say existential suffering No- I did not. Subtlety. Enlightenment is not black and white. I said- pain and suffering. I can burn my finger. Ouch. I can stress about my four year old son crossing the street by himself. Look before crossing! I can worry about not enough business and paying the bills. Fuck! I can be mad as hell when the dog runs out the door and down the block. #$!!Lilly! And – on a psychic/psychological level I can still carry pain and suffering. Big Sigh.

So- are we clear? Existential Suffering- None. I’m awake. Stress. Pain. Perturbation. Anger- Yes. I’m human.

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Harry Potter, Courage, Summer Solstice and 2012 – Spiritual Awakening anybody?

It’s no coincidence that there are seven Harry Potter books (chakras). It’s no coincidence that the series is a magical (metaphysical) wonderland. It’s no coincidence that Voldermort and Harry (you and YOU) are each a part of the other. …that Harry is guided by a litany of great teachers, sages, and advisers. …that Harry has to learn about and train to master the magical arts. …that Harry Potter is mega-popular series of books and films. Of course it is.

The reason is because, at its’ heart, Harry Potter is about YOU. The true you waiting to be discovered, recognized, and realized. Harry Potter is about your grand return adventure home. The home where all the separate, unloved, unseen, neglected and lost parts of YOU come together and celebrate their return, rejoice in their integration, and laugh at the whole cosmic joke process.

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Awakening Enlightenment Addiction – an addicts guide to waking up spiritually

I’m addicted to the most powerful drug in the universe- god. Yeah I know, that’s cliché’, but let me explain: what I mean by god is this- wholeness, peace, sustenance, completion, confidence, normalcy, unity, happiness, equanimity, and balance…all of this peppered with a slight dash of ecstasy. That’s what my drug delivers. So you can imagine with a pay off like that, it’s pretty easy to get addicted.

Now, the reason I’m mentioning this, is because I want to help you with your addiction. Because basically, your addiction is a piece of shit. Your addiction is a wimpified pile of crap. Your addiction is sub par, mediocre, lousy, and amateur. My job is to get you off that crap and get you on something far more healthier, natural, normal, and powerful. Ya want some? Yeah I thought so…

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Last video of 2015

Last video of 2015- oh how quickly it goes…

HD 1080p  / Running Time: eons

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Thanksgiving: The deepest giving = the deepest thanks

Turkey day is coming. The deepest and truest Thanks comes from the deepest and truest Giving. Here’s what I mean…

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 7:37

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The Return of PIE

ego vs noself

P.I.E. is returning…  A few years ago I decided to write a book, teach locally and express myself online about these strange matters. Slowly but surely I got serious about the whole thing and started teaching what I call Blue Collar Enlightenment– a quirky, effective way of packaging nondual / advaita awakening teachings in a modern nuts and bolts language and process.  This endeavor has now outgrown the PIE website and is moving on to it’s very own site called (not hard to guess) Blue Collar Enlightenment.  This site is in development and I hope to roll it out in the next couple of months.  Blue Collar Enlightenment will be a cross between Elephant Journal, Buddha at the Gas Pump and Shift Network.

In the meantime my shadow is longing to speak again and I’m going to give it permission to do so here, under the PIE banner.  I probably won’t do many blog posts or articles here, as the bulk of my attention will be taken up by BCE; but, from time to time,  you can  count on a spit-fire, sarcastic, shadow infused, potty-mouthed spiritual rant from J Stewart Dixon.  I never got into spirituality or awakening to be a saint, angel or avatar. Fuck that shit.   I just wanted to be happy, whole and human.  And that’s what happened- on a deep existential level I discovered an untouchable, immutable, unconditional peace, happiness and freedom.  Awesome. But on the surface level, on the level of personality and ego…on the earthly shadow level-  I’m still and always have been me – Jeff- imperfect, flawed, prone to the ups and downs of life, filled with joy, anger, sadness, boredom, ineptitude, humor, stupidity and smarts. This website will remain here for this part of J. Stewart Dixon to speak, criticize, laugh, comment, poke-fun-of, guide, help and teach.  I hope it tickles your fancy.  You of course are most welcome to join me here with comments, emails, or articles of your own.  So sit back, grab a fork and a plate and have a big ole piece of P.I.E.- Politically Incorrect Enlightenment.

Best and Thanks- J

have yerself a nondual lil’ christmas

Let’s find the heart of nondual reality in the external, commercial and religious christmas holiday.

HD 1080p  / Running Time:11 minutes

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