Existential Depression is the doorway to Spiritual Awakening

-I did some serious time in the existential-depression penitentary.

-I spent a good twenty years of my life wallowing in the black depths of the dark night of the soul.

-I paid my rot time enlightenment dues. (Rot- school of waking down)

-And…I contracted a severe case of decades long zen sickness.

In other words, for a very long time … I was a miserable fuck.

Funny thing though- probably with the exception of my closest family, nobody had a clue I was going through this. How could this be? How did I function? How do I retain my sanity? How did I get beyond it? Have a seat my weary souled friend and I will share with you a few helpful secrets…

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Winter Blues, Existential Unhappiness / Depression, Enlightenment and Awakening

There’s a secret, esoteric, deeply private, metaphysical, magic skill I use in order to transcend the winter blues. I am going to reveal it to you right now. Are you ready?: I book a flight to Costa Rica or the Bahamas and stay there with my family for at least a week. Yes, it took me years to acquire this skill. Awakening to one’s true nature or transcending egoic separation is child’s play compared to this great avataric talent.

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Satsang is Frustrating – and what to do about it

Here’s some bad news: Satsang is frustrating. And some good news: Satsang is frustrating. Sorry folks- ya gotta have both. Here’s what I did…to get beyond frustration.

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 8:26

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Spiritual Awakening Used Cars for Sale!


spiritual used cars enlightenment for idiots


Yesterday I got my nuts kicked in by not one…not two…but THREE spiritual kudzu weed used car salesman. You’ve met this type right? They read a few books about some superficial spiritual shit and then insist on blabbing their profound discovery to the world… every opportunity they get. Ugh. Nauseous, me thinks… I was gunna be.

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Breaking Enlightenment Bad. True Spirituality. What is it?

There’s a scene, you know well, in the original 1999 film The Matrix.  Morpheus offers Neo the choice between two pills- the blue one and the red one:

“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

Taking the red pill of course means accepting reality, no matter how brutal, hard, or difficult that reality may be. Taking the red pill requires a lot of courage. And- taking the red pill is the ultimate example of breaking bad…

Well, guess what? You’re gunna have to break bad in order to wake up. For real yo…

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The Heart of the Process is this…

What is at the heart of the spiritual awakening process? The Blue Collar Enlightenment process? This is it:

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 13:44

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Insult- Zen and the Art of Kicking your Ass into Spiritual Awakening

So, you want to wake up do ya? Hmmm? Really?…

Great. Well then, come sit on my knee and allow me to insult you.  Every tradition has their equivalent of a zen beating: an austerity, or test, or bare bones knock down fist fight that really tests the limits of your determination to actually go through with this waking up business.    … (continued)

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Neuroscience is catching up to Spirituality

Last fall I took a Mindfulness and the Brain course at the University of Virginia’s Mindfulness Center. It was a revelation; not in terms of the mind’s potential, or it’s power to change or its’ more esoteric capabilities. Nope. I learned those lessons from some twenty-five years of spiritual seeking and now teaching in the schoolhalls of new-age metaphysics, yoga, guru admiration, advaita vedanta, and zen mindfulness. Got it. What was revealing about this class was hearing about these same concepts sans the flowery-spiritual-new age speak. The clean vernacular in this class was culled straight from the departments of neuroscience, medicine, and biology. I was simply blown away. I had no idea neuroscience was that close, that broad, that courageous, and well, that spiritual. This jaded spiritual teacher was impressed.

It’s a new day Charlie Brown. As a spiritual teacher I cannot tell you how relieved I was to discover this. No more vibey, new age, lingo. It always felt inadequate to me. No more touchy-feely overly dramatic and long-winded explanations.

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Cancel your plans and give Mystery a chance

Cancel your plans. Kill your TV. Be bored. Embrace tomorrow with nothing to do. And…give mystery a chance to awaken your heart.

(Pardon my appearance- did this one at 6am, before coffee, when the house was quiet, and not a creature was stirring….)

HD 1080p /   Running Time: 11:08

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Sex, Spiritual Awakening and Relationships

So, do you wanna wake up or do you wanna get laid? Worried that you can have one but not the other? My friend, let me assuage those medieval mentations …

Sex and enlightenment are by no means mutually exclusive. I woke up in the midst of a completely normal marriage that included/includes sex and even spawn. If it’s not already obvious, the type of awakening I’m talking about here at PIE is not (ultimately) dependant upon any type of effort or tecnique. So fucking yourself into enlightenment or not fucking yourself into enlightenment is not going to work. On the other hand if the enlightenment you’re after is the Yogi-on-the-mountain-top, One-with-the-universal-godhead, breathitarian-kundalini-master one, then by all means do what you ya gotta do. Fuck away. But then again, if this is you, I hardly think you’d be tolerant of listening to a fool like me.

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