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J. Stewart Dixon is a courageous bringer of the good news that there is more to us that what we think we are. His objective in teaching Blue Collar Enlightenment is to bring to ordinary folks the extraordinary understanding that we Are what we have been searching for…always and already free and at peace in what IS. That consciousness that exists prior to the limited mind we mistakenly think of as ourselves is available to us Now, yet we need a guide, a way-shower, to point us toward the truth. Jeff, is that guide, an outspoken witness to awakening . I highly recommend his class to those who intuit that there is more…” – Eli


” The shared practices in this Blue Collar Enlightenment class have blossomed in me a deeper looking into “being”, and my sense of self as separate has shifted dramatically. Jeff facilitates a clearer view of the possibility of living connected to source felt as an everyday, moment-by-moment bodily truth. Feeling this deep connection has been life altering for me while paradoxically as common as grass…..available to anyone willing to take a closer look within.”- Jan


“Thank you Jeff – for really telling it like it is! You have been a great help to me in our private sessions. I have felt that “great stillness” very close by in many of our meetings. Your presence really does radiate. And I am grateful for your wonderful ability to articulate the path to a destination which is really beyond any talking or thinking about with our inherently limited minds.I invite everyone in the spiritual community to take advantage of what you offer. I will certainly continue to!” – Jocelyn


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