The Blue Collar Enlightenment Path & Course is an online 8 week spiritual awakening course which offers seekers the opportunity  to make significant leaps and bounds on their spiritual journey.  Composed of 2 teachers, 9 live webinars and  20 hours of streaming / downloadable video (divided into 8 steps and 52 exercises) the Blue Collar Enlightenment course is a practical nuts and bolts path which delivers awakening results.  New spiritual seekers have found the course insightful, transformational, and immensely beneficial.  Longtime spiritual seekers have found the course refreshingly honest, intimate, personal and challenging.  The course, while based on tried and true non-dual teachings, advaita vedanta, zen, and perennial philosophies – does not use any of the language found in these schools.  Blue Collar Enlightenment is an authentically fresh. clear and powerful path for individuals interested in spiritual finding.

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Meet Creator / Founder J. Stewart: Put on your zen mind- beginner’s mind and join J. Stewart Dixon, founder, author, teacher of BLUE COLLAR ENLIGHTENMENT- a nuts & bolts path to spiritual awakening, inner peace and happiness for regular folks. If western therapy or eastern spiritual awakening practices  are not your cup of tea or have failed you…you’ve found the right place. No pills, therapy, bs, rituals or new age fluff here- just a practical path to discovering an authentic and extra-ordinary YOU.

J. Stewart is the author of the Amazon multi 5 star reviewed  21 Days-A guide for Spiritual Beginners, has been interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump, is the meditation editor of the popular mind/body/spirit blog All Things Healing and is the owner/founder of three businesses: The Mindful Program, Blue Collar Enlightenment and Audio Video Services.



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