March 2016 change update:

P.I.E. is returning…  A few years ago I decided to write a book, teach locally and express myself online about these strange matters. Slowly but surely I got serious about the whole thing and started teaching what I call Blue Collar Enlightenment– a quirky, effective way of packaging nondual / advaita awakening teachings in a modern nuts and bolts language and process.  This endeavor has now outgrown the PIE website and is moving on to it’s very own site called (not hard to guess) Blue Collar Enlightenment.  This site is in development and I hope to roll it out in the next couple of months.  Blue Collar Enlightenment will be a cross between Elephant Journal, Buddha at the Gas Pump and Shift Network.

In the meantime my shadow is longing to speak again and I’m going to give it permission to do so here, under the PIE banner.  I probably won’t do many blog posts or articles here, as the bulk of my attention will be taken up by BCE; but, from time to time,  you can  count on a spit-fire, sarcastic, shadow infused, potty-mouthed spiritual rant from J Stewart Dixon.  I never got into spirituality or awakening to be a saint, angel or avatar. Fuck that shit.   I just wanted to be happy, whole and human.  And that’s what happened- on a deep existential level I discovered an untouchable, immutable, unconditional peace, happiness and freedom.  Awesome. But on the surface level, on the level of personality and ego…on the earthly shadow level-  I’m still and always have been me – Jeff- imperfect, flawed, prone to the ups and downs of life, filled with joy, anger, sadness, boredom, ineptitude, humor, stupidity and smarts. This website will remain here for this part of J. Stewart Dixon to speak, criticize, laugh, comment, poke-fun-of, guide, help and teach.  I hope it tickles your fancy.  You of course are most welcome to join me here with comments, emails, or articles of your own.  So sit back, grab a fork and a plate and have a big ole piece of P.I.E.- Politically Incorrect Enlightenment.

Best and Thanks- J

ego vs noself